Pager, A Telehealth Client


Pager’s on-demand service connects people with board-certified doctors, whenever and wherever.

CredSimple’s solution allows us to focus on what truly matters: growing and scaling our business. Their product is almost too good to be true in its simplicity and comprehension, and their proactive approach to client relations easily makes them one of the best partners out there.

- Toby Hervey, General Manager


Pager’s mission is to bring the best available care to their patients’ doors. To do this Pager built the technology that allows patients to connect directly to providers and create an appointment at their own home or office. Then they had to find build a network of high-quality providers, get them credentialed, and, oh yeah, create a profitable business. Building a high-quality network of providers is challenging. Building a profitable business and scaling up that business is even more so. While focused on growing to scale, they knew they couldn’t ignore compliance. But the last thing Pager needed was to spend its resources trying to build, staff, and implement their own credentialing program. So they started to look for a CVO that would be able to support their growth with a trustworthy, flexible, cost-effective credentialing process.


Pager selected to work with CredSimple because CredSimple’s platform met all of their credentialing needs. CredSimple now plays an important role in onboarding new providers, from the first step of the Credentialing Application to the final step of Approval by Pager’s Chief Medical Officer. CredSimple allows our clients to complete the entire provider credentialing process in a single location, including:

  • Checking state specific primary sources in multiple practice states
  • Building custom verifications required by Pager
  • Creating custom application to meet Pager’s supplemental needs

With their credentialing and onboarding process streamlined and easy to use, Pager is able to grow their network of doctors quickly without worrying about compliance.


New York / NY


Pager’s on-demand service connects people with board-certified doctors, whenever and wherever.

Simplify Your Credentialing Process

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