Serve Providers Better: Ask for Less From Your Providers and More From your Credentialing Process

“CredSimple is going to make your providers happy, which makes them perform better, which makes them more loyal. It makes your organization look top-notch. If I can’t keep my doctors happy, then I can’t keep my patients happy. ”

Stefanie M.

Low-Lift, Streamlined Process for Providers

  • 01. / Reduced Administrative Burden on Providers

  • 02. / Application Options: Choose What Works Best for Your Providers

  • 03. / Status Updates Available in Real-Time

Why it Matters

Improve the Payer-Provider Relationship

Our optimized process reduces the demands on providers and removes the inefficiencies of traditional credentialing that can lead to approval (and payment) delays, as well as backlogs and non-compliance.

Low-Lift Application Options

Leverage a provider's existing CAQH application or give them the option of a digital application that takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

Reduce Back-and-Forth with Providers

Outreach can be painful and drawn out if your platform does not automatically display application issues for your team. Our platform provides a full list of outreach needs at the outset so that you know exactly what a provider needs to update in order to complete credentialing.

Real-Time Data Validation

Our application checks for typos and incorrect NPI numbers, removing the need for providers to return later and provide correct data.

Reduce the Credentialing Burden on Your Providers

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