Reduce Costs Up to 50% Automated application processing and primary source verification. Built-in reporting tools.

“It’s important to get credentialing done right, but I also don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. I feel great working with CredSimple because Dana, who leads our credentialing function, is happy and satisfied. When she is happy, so am I. The last thing a CEO wants is to be involved in the credentialing process.”

Rick G., CEO at PPHP

Credentialing Directly Affects Your Bottom Line

  • 01. / Reduce Overtime and Employee Turnover

  • 02. / Lessen the Demand on Your Review Committee

  • 03. / Prevent Credentialing Re-Dos and Delays

Why it Matters

Your Team Will Credential 15x More Providers in Less Time

Automated primary source verification removes the tedious manual data entry and screen scraping that legacy solutions are built on.

Save Committee Travel Time

Provider files are centralized using a secure online platform. No more traveling. Review, comment and record decisions directly into the provider's digital file from anywhere.

Instantly Sort Providers by Alert Type

Built-in sorting and reporting tools remove any manual sorting of paper files or spreadsheets. Sort your providers into the categories that work best for your committee.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Your employees will be free to focus their attention and talent on work that needs human involvement instead of tedious manual tasks, reducing overtime and turnover.

Prevent Credentialing Re-Dos

Our platform checks that an application is compliant before moving it into primary source verification, preventing the need to redo a credential due to an application issue.

Increase Your Credentialing Team's Capacity While Reducing Costs

Wanted a solution that aligned with its mission to improve the lives of patients and providers.
Wanted a trusted partner that provided efficiency and ease of use.
Sought a CVO to support their existing team by handling the repetitive PSV work with a quick turnaround.