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The Front Lines & the Supply Lines: Expedited Credentialing and Provider Recruitment for Healthcare Organizations in Need

The Front Lines & the Supply Lines: Expedited Credentialing and Provider Recruitment for Healthcare Organizations in Need

CredSimple is offering emergency credentialing and provider recruiting services to healthcare organizations who need to onboard additional staff quickly in response to coronavirus. Click here to submit a request for more information.

Give it up for the women and men on the front lines of the COVID-19 health crisis, whose passion, careers, and life’s work places them in harm’s way as they care for the rapidly increasing number of patients; And to those entrepreneurs and business leaders who have built business, services, and tech platforms that make up the front lines of healthcare’s response. We salute you. You are not alone in this work. At CredSimple we’re focused on building technology to make healthcare administration better and we are proud to serve as part of the mission-critical supply lines to those on the front lines.

Today we announced that we’re providing expedited credentialing at no charge for 30 days and provider recruiting services to healthcare organizations at significantly reduced fees and deferred payment.

To any healthcare organization currently facing high demands to bring new providers online: We’re here to support you. We realize it’s a challenging regulatory environment with rapidly evolving guidelines as the CMS and HHS adapt regulations, and we have the capability and capacity to deploy our industry-leading credentialing program at no cost for 30 days, as well as provider recruiting services to rapidly build and enhance provider delivery networks at significantly reduced and deferred fees.

Ensuring our healthcare system can rapidly expand coverage and access to care while not losing sight of patient safety and compliance is of critical importance to all healthcare organizations tackling the epidemic. As payers, providers and telehealth companies look to provide immediate care to their members, we want to be your partner to alleviate stressors and eliminate any credentialing or provider recruitment hurdles you’re currently facing.

If you would like to learn more about this program, please contact us.

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