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From the Desk of Our CEO: CredSimple has acquired Glenridge Health

The plan, dating back to when CredSimple was founded in 2013, had always been to address the provider network management needs of the healthcare industry. Focus at a startup is incredibly important so we chose to get after building a solution for one single pain point, provider credentialing.

As the company and our resources have grown, we are in an exciting position to get after more and expand our products and services in order to help our clients build, run, and optimize their provider networks. With that in mind, today we took a significant step forward in fulfilling the broader provider network management needs of our clients.

I’m pleased to share that CredSimple has acquired Glenridge Health. Glenridge Health is a tech-enabled company that has historically been focused on building and managing provider networks.

Their approach has helped to create networks for their clients that are strategically aligned to the client’s business objectives of controlling costs, ensuring compliance, and delivering value. They work with local, regional, and national health plans, as well as specialty networks which means we serve the same customer base making this an even more exciting opportunity.

In fact, CredSimple and Glenridge Health already partner to deliver end-to-end network management for clients. This acquisition further enables us to support the market and our clients with a vertically integrated and comprehensive offering. Our commitment is to offer our clients best-in-class software and services to efficiently build, run, and optimize their networks.

Our mission to make healthcare administration better just got more achievable, and we’re excited to invite you to join us.

You can look forward to innovative products and specialized services in the near future further elevating provider network management as a competitive advantage.

To learn more about our provider network management solutions, please reach out to us, or if you’re interested in working with us please connect here. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Mike Simmons
CEO & Founder

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