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Congratulations to our CEO, who even innovated when it came to his wedding

Congratulations to our CEO, who even innovated when it came to his wedding

When you’re the CEO of a tech company, innovation is at the heart of everything you do – even when it comes to matters of the heart. This past weekend, our CEO Mike Simmons and his fiancee held a wedding for the ages… on Zoom! We want to wish them all the best, and thought you might enjoy a glimpse into how Mike’s entrepreneurial spirit stays with him even in quarantine. 

To see how it all came together, check out Business Insider or Good Morning America’s coverage of the wedding, which was remotely attended by 150 people and included a dress code, a DJ, and everything else you might expect from a traditional wedding. Who said self-isolation had to stop love!?

Congratulations, Mike – here’s to many years of happiness and innovation!


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