Simplified Credentialing from Application through to Committee Approval

Simplified Credentialing

We've simplified and sped up the process with built-in compliance and smart technology.

  1. 01. / Apply

    We’ve removed the pain from the application process for you and your providers.

    2 of our 3 application options require no work from your providers.

    • Our digital application takes 20 minutes to complete or we can import data from CAQH or import your raw provider data in bulk.
    • Our application’s real-time data validation means providers can’t input incorrect information (so won’t need to return later to correct answers).
  2. 02. / Verify

    Stop data entry and manual data verification.

    Faster results, fewer errors. That’s the beauty of automation.

    • We use data-matching algorithms for primary source verification.
    • Programmatic compliance: requires up-to-date attestations, work history gap explanations and answers to disclosure questions.
  3. 03. / Find

    No filing cabinets.  No black box.

    Your entire credentialing process is now digital. Welcome to the technology age.

    • Every piece of data is searchable and reportable, including specialty, language, malpractice info, credentialing status and more.
    • Each provider’s profile includes all data gathered at every step of the credentialing process, giving you the whole picture in one place.
  4. 04. / Approve

    Let our system do the admin work.

    Reduced work for recording decisions and scheduling follow-up tasks.

    • Highlights risks to the credentialing committee without prep time.
    • All documentation can be viewed on one screen in a consolidated report. The report is the permanent record and is compliant to standards.