General Credentialing   /   August 2015

Washington State Hospital Association: An Advocate for Innovation

Washington State Hospital Association: An Advocate for Innovation

Meet one of our newest partners: Washington State Hospital Association. WSHA is a healthcare leader, advocating for its members and helping them meet their goals of enhancing public health, improving patient experience and reducing costs. For several years, WSHA members have been talking with WSHA about the problem of credentialing. Members described it as a “painful process,” referring to the credentialing processes for both medical staff privileging and  for insurers. In response, WSHA conducted a nationwide search for a credentialing verification organization (CVO) that they could recommend and partner with. “Initially we had a tough time finding a solution,” said Beth Zborowski, Executive Director of Washington Hospital Services. After reviewing several national companies, they learned about CredSimple. “CredSimple had them beat on what they were actually providing and the price,” Beth said. She credits three key factors in WSHA’s decision to partner with us:

  1. Our innovative approach to PSVs and our relationships with the organizations that hold that data.
  2. Our user-friendly interface.
  3. Our startup structure, or as Beth put it, “Mike and his team are great to work with and they are always looking for ways to enhance their services.”

It’s true. At CredSimple, we prize working with our clients to improve our products and create more innovative solutions for managing provider data and credentials. We are currently working with WSHA on two fronts: credentialing their peer review providers and offering software and CVO services to WSHA members.

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