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Client Profile: How CredSimple helps AristaMD meet company mission

Client Profile: How CredSimple helps AristaMD meet company mission

CredSimple helps our clients meet their company missions. For AristaMD, that mission is fixing the problem of unnecessary doctor appointments. Did you know that five out of every eight patients sitting in specialist waiting rooms don’t belong there? These unnecessary appointments not only waste patients’ time but also cost the healthcare industry $10 billion every year. Our client, AristaMD, is working to solve this problem. With AristaMD’s easy-to-use platform, doctors can screen patients against clinical guidelines and access fast e-consults with specialists before determining whether a referral is necessary. In many cases, AristaMD helps primary care physicians treat patients directly.

Because AristaMD needs a vetted team of high-quality specialists to provide peer-to-peer e-consult services to their primary care clients, they came to CredSimple to implement a credentialing process that met their needs.

The first requirement: AristaMD wanted a credentialing process that wouldn’t burden their doctors.

As a practicing physician herself, AristaMD’s Chief Medical Information Officer Joy Hardison, MD, MPH, has first-hand experience at other healthcare organizations with tedious credentialing processes. “I remember filling out applications that were 50 to 100 pages, and much of the information I had to fill out was redundant: my name, my address, NPI number, education, training, which medical school I went to, etc.,” Dr. Hardison explained.

AristaMD wanted to avoid this tedious process, which is why they chose CredSimple. “The online application is intuitive and easy for our physicians to fill out,” said Dr. Hardison. “It takes them about 15 minutes. Being a digital health company, every software application we expose our physicians to will set the tone of their experience with our company, so it is important to us that they have a positive interaction.”

For this reason, we were excited to hear from Dr. Timothy Brennan, who recently joined AristaMD. He was surprised by the ease of the credentialing application, saying, “I can’t possibly express how seamless the AristaMD credentialing application and platform seem to be. Especially compared to our clunky EMR in the hospitals! Happy to have joined the team!”

CredSimple’s application doesn’t take the manual, tedious burden of filling out credentialing applications away from doctors and give it to a customer service team. It gets rid of the process completely! Suhayla Karawan, AristaMD’s program manager, explained how her experience using CredSimple compares to her eight years of prior experience: “I used fill out the paperwork for physicians. CredSimple frees up a lot of my time. It’s a huge timesaver and it’s nice to have [all the providers’] information in one place.”

The second requirement: AristaMD needed the ability to continuously monitor their team’s credentialing status.

CredSimple’s automated platform tracks experiables, disciplinary actions, sanctions, and more on a monthly basis to ensure that AristaMD continues to meet NCQA’s credentialing standards. Without chasing doctors down to fill out forms or performing manual searches of spreadsheets, AristaMD can automatically stay apprised of all of its providers’ status. If a provider’s status changes, AristaMD receives an alert message.

Dr. Hardison explained why continuous monitoring was so crucial for AristaMD as the company grows: “As we onboard more and more physicians to our multi-specialty panel, being able to automate license, board certification, and sanctions tracking will help streamline our physicians’ re-credentialing and ensure that no issues arise between credentialing and re-credentialing. To have that kind of visibility on a monthly basis is unprecedented, and it helps us provide the highest quality clinical services to our clients.”

There you have it—AristaMD is solving the specialty referral problem and CredSimple is helping them do it by making it easy to meet NCQA’s credentialing standards.

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