Provider Data Management Healthcare Providers

Provider Data Management

Share and track healthcare provider data with CredSimple's credentialing software that enables secure access (Meets AMA and ABMS requirements) across departments and partner organizations.

  1. 01. / Healthcare Provider Data

    Roster Manager makes it easy to build and maintain your provider roster. Our technology helps keep your roster current and accurate, making it easy to share with other organizations in real time.

  2. 02. / Provider Directory Management

    Directory Manager makes it easy to publish changes to addresses, office hours, contact info, panel status, language, specialty. Helping your patients find the right provider has never been so simple.

  3. 03. / Provider Billing Information

    Align providers to the correct organizations, track and assign billing information (including TIN and NPI) at every address.

  4. 04. / Organizational Credential Management

    Organization Manager helps you manage your business relationships with other organizations. Track contracts, rate codes and organizational credentials with the most visibility in the industry. Learn more about our simplified credentialing process.