Direct Credentialing of Healthcare Providers

Direct Credentialing

Complete all requirements for credentialing healthcare providers including application management, board certification verification, and committee review.

  1. 01. / Application Management

    Electronic Forms, Authorizations, Submissions: Obtaining a complete application from the provider often causes long delays in the credentialing process. Remove this bottleneck with CredSimple’s quick and compliant online application.

  2. 02. / Board Certification Verifications

    Primary Source and Medical Staff Verifications: Collecting Primary Source Verifications manually for each provider is time consuming and inefficient. CredSimple will do all this work for you, giving you a one-stop shop for all necessary verifications.

  3. 03. / Medical Committee Review

    Consolidated Report for Committee Review: Preparing for the committee review session with paper files is a hassle. CredSimple makes it easy to view all of the documentation on one screen and share it with your team.

  4. 04. / Ongoing Management

    Monthly Monitoring and Automated Recredentialing: Tracking expiring documents for your providers is critical, but it is time consuming to manage manually. CredSimple’s ongoing monitoring service automatically alerts you to sanctions and expiring documents.

Augment the Work Your Team is Already Doing

Our tech-fueled platform creates efficiencies at every step of the process


Competitor Analysis

  • CredSimple
  • In-House Process

  • Traditional CVOs


In-House Process

Traditional CVOs

Standard Turnaround: 90% of files complete in 5 days*Yes__
Efficiency: Fully automated primary source verification, no screen scraping or screen capture requirementsYes__
Practitioner Friendly: Simplified, digital application reduces completion time (or pull in data from complete CAQH applications)Yes__
Information Sharing: Real-time status available to all stakeholdersYes__
IT Overhead: Requires IT for implementation and maintenanceNot requiredYesYes
Training timeA few hours (and ongoing support)ExtensiveVaries