Credentialing How Tos   /   September 2017

Your Team Will Love This: Save 30 Minutes Per Credentialing File

Your Team Will Love This: Save 30 Minutes Per Credentialing File

We’ve already reduced the credentialing cycle to an average of 5 days and now we’ve set our sights on shortening your time spent in committee prep. Here are two more ways that we can meaningfully improve your team’s capacity and job satisfaction:

Automated Malpractice Case Summaries

Your team is likely reading each full NPDB malpractice case and writing summaries for the committee’s review. Our credentialing reports include NPDB malpractice cases — we now automate the summaries for you. No need to have your team spend any more time retyping the details for your committee.

One of our clients (a top-25 U.S. health plan) said this singular feature is “life changing” and will save them 30 minutes per provider credentialing file.

Deciphered Codes

We’ve translated NPDB codes (such as patient outcomes) into plain English so your team no longer has to spend time looking up and deciphering each code.

Reduce manual work for your team and save them 30 minutes per file — and that’s with just one feature. CredSimple provides efficiency and time savings at every step of the credentialing process. Let’s talk. >>

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