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1 Simple Tip to Improve Recredentialing Efficiency

1 Simple Tip to Improve Recredentialing Efficiency

With so many moving parts, hospitals — or any other clinical care organizations that employ or work with healthcare providers — must decrease any roadblocks to compliance and revenue cycles. Improving recredentialing efficiency is one way to do so.

Cut Out Redundant Affiliation and Privileges Checks

When it comes time to recredential providers, organizations can cut down on unnecessary and repetitive checks by reviewing only current and new affiliations and privileges for providers.

During the provider’s initial credentialing event, all affiliations and privileges are checked. Often, the same affiliations are being checked during recredentialing. This can delay the recredentialing process because of the time it takes to re-verify data that doesn’t change. While many organizations do re-verify unchanged privileges, this extra step is redundant and time-consuming.

The Joint Commission recommends that affiliations and privileges be treated like education verifications. This means that when it comes time to recredential, you only need to check current or new affiliations and privileges.

This change in protocol means faster turnaround time and less wasted employee time. Why check what hasn’t changed? To implement this change, work with your organization’s governing bodies to document and approve this change so that your bylaws reflect this more efficient recredentialing protocol.

It’s pretty straightforward but it could save a ton of work during recredentialing and still still maintain the highest level of compliance.

If you want to learn more about how CredSimple’s expertise and automated credentialing solution can help you further cut costs, reduce turnaround time and increase revenue because providers can start seeing patients sooner, contact us. We are here to help.

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