This is what we're doing for our clients.

LOCATION: Bryan, Texas

WellVia provides members with bilingual 24/7/365 access to affordable, high-quality care for non-emergency medical needs, wellness coaching and EAP specialists.

For anyone considering CredSimple, I definitely recommend they reach out to references of CredSimple to understand the extent of how simple this is... It sounds great when you talk to them, and they explain it all, but until you’ve actually experienced the results from CredSimple, you’re not actually going to get it...CredSimple is going to make your providers happy, which makes them perform better, which makes them more loyal. It makes your organization look top-notch. If I can’t keep my doctors happy, then I can’t keep my patients happy. Not only that, but when you call some of the other CVOs, who are manually verifying information, it’s a very impersonal relationship. Whereas, with CredSimple...they’re right on the phone with me to answer any questions.

WellVia’s Challenge

Stefanie Manley had 30 days to build a nationwide network of top-notch doctors and she needed a streamlined credentialing process in order to do so. In addition, because WellVia’s reputation is ultimately linked to the integrity of its providers, Manley wanted to set up a process for tracking providers’ credentials between credentialing cycles so that she would be the first to know of any changes in status.

CredSimple’s Solution

CredSimple’s online platform allowed Manley to recruit doctors quickly; instead of hours of paperwork, she offered providers CredSimple’s online credentialing application which takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Furthermore, CredSimple’s platform solved Manley’s concern about tracking sanctions and expirables between credentialing cycles. CredSimple’s online platform automatically alerts WellVia if any providers’ credentialing status changes at any time. No other competitors were able to offer WellVia such personalized, user-friendly solutions to all of its credentialing challenges at the price point that was right for WellVia.


This is what we're doing for our clients.