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LOCATION: San Francisco/New Jersey

Clover Health is redefining Medicare Advantage using a combination of technology and human touch to improve the quality of life for members as well as provide more contextual health data to physicians to minimize gaps in care.

Ultimately, choosing CredSimple came down to a need for data accuracy and its ability to programmatically record credentialing decisions. To move quickly enough to provide our members with the care they deserve while staying compliant, it’s essential for us to know without a doubt who is credentialed and when, and CredSimple has consistently offered peace of mind with its reliability.


Clover Health needed a credentialing solution that aligned with its mission to improve the lives of patients and providers. To increase productivity and usability, Clover needed provider data to be accurate and easily accessible in a user-friendly platform.


To effectively manage their rapidly growing provider network, Clover Health relies on CredSimple for two key outcomes:

  1. Speedy 5-day turnaround time for provider credentialing
  2. The provider data and credentialing information is stored in a well-designed data model that allows for maximum use in reporting and downstream processes


See what we're doing for our clients.