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Front End Engineer


CredSimple is a New York-based startup laser-focused on improving healthcare infrastructure with revolutionary technology. Our platform focuses on healthcare practitioner and facility data. We create data integrity, efficiency, and transparency between many stakeholders, including hospitals, health insurance networks, and practicing medical professionals. In short, we are building the technical infrastructure that allows healthcare organizations to manage their practitioner data, which enables a stronger, smarter healthcare industry.

Fixing this industry’s administrative nightmare is no easy feat. That’s why we’re investing in building a unique, tight-knit team who is up for the challenge. We punch above our weight-class and you should too. We’re not in this to be a “cool startup.” We’re in it to have a profound and long-term impact on the healthcare industry and fundamentally change the way this critical part of the U.S. healthcare system works.


CredSimple is dedicated to building a data infrastructure solution that serves the needs of the healthcare industry using intelligent software/systems design. We value engineers who can take ownership of entire features or products and see it through to production. Our user interfaces are vitally important to making our complex infrastructure easy to use and understand. The ideal hire is self-directed, highly motivated, and a good communicator with a strong desire to continually improve both individual and team contributions.

We’re solving very real and challenging problems so you must have the right attitude towards tackling problems, especially things that others won’t touch. Our customers are some of the most forward-thinking organizations in the healthcare industry ranging from small companies to large enterprises. We want you to be more than just a developer who ships code (on time). To that end, we believe in supporting both personal and professional growth. That means we pay attention to goals, celebrate milestones and highly encourage learning opportunities.


You’ll be integral in taking our existing platform and customers to the next level of usability and efficiency. The features you implement and decisions you make about our UI will have a direct impact on how well our customers can do their jobs. Specifically, you will be working on intuitive user interfaces that maximize the usefulness of our data. You will enable the reporting and analysis of provider networks through dashboards and data visualizations and develop interfaces that streamline complex workflows and data.


  • Demonstrated experience building and maintaining large business-facing javascript applications
  • Experience with a front-end framework like Backbone, Angular or React. We use react/redux and will ask you to learn it, if you are not already familiar with it
  • Practical understanding and intuition of UX/UI principles
  • Up-to-date knowledge and opinions about the landscape of front-end tools and tooling, i.e. the tradeoffs between CSS preprocessors or JS build tools
  • Experience with Javascript testing frameworks
  • Good, open communicator. Your code/scripts should not be the only thing that speaks for your work. Documentation and pull request comments, sprint planning sessions, conversations with customers’ technical staff, explaining complex data model issues to other functional teams within the company all require excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Familiarity or experience with a framework such as Django or Ruby on Rails is a plus
  • Knowledge and experience using the following technologies: Node, NPM, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and consuming JSON APIs



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