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Who We Are

CredSimple is an NCQA-certified CVO whose technology redefines the credentialing process

We combine software and services to deliver a truly transformative level of service to our clients. Our clients enjoy a 10x improvement in credentialing turnaround times, 15x increase in throughput as compared to industry standards. We help payers and provider organizations eliminate compliance risk, streamline operations and manage their providers better than ever before.

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  1. 01. / Our Philosophy

    We help healthcare organizations become more responsive to providers, members and patients. We do this using data-driven processes and technology to address longstanding inefficiencies in credentialing and compliance. We see a future where provider data management issues that currently plague the industry are a thing of the past because of the solution we are building. This is how we’re helping bring the healthcare industry into the 21st century.

  2. 02. / What We Do

    We believe that credentialing departments hold the key to solving large-scale, complex problems with provider data. We also believe that simple solutions lie within complex systems that have evolved over time but we know there is nothing easy about overcoming complexity with simplicity. We take pride in doing this difficult work and doing it well.

  3. 03. / Why We Do It

    We are a team of technology and healthcare experts. We are likeminded in our pursuit of excellence but have diverse backgrounds and experiences that help us find creative solutions to our clients’ most difficult credentialing and provider data problems. We view our client relationships as partnerships: continuously striving to provide exceptional client service while also challenging our clients to join us in thinking outside the box.

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