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From the CEO: What We Learned From CredSimple’s Inaugural Product Advisory Council

From the CEO: What We Learned From CredSimple’s Inaugural Product Advisory Council

Just over a month ago, we hosted our first Product Advisory Council (PAC) User Forum, which brought together a diverse group of our clients here in New York to share the vision of CredSimple and to gather feedback on our products and services. Our goal was to create a platform that  enables our clients to network with each other, share best practices, and influence the future of CredSimple’s product offerings. 

The agenda focused on our product roadmap, including a sneak peek of the re-designed CredSimple Application which will be released later this month. Though client adoption of the CredSimple Application has steadily increased, our product team is aiming to improve the functionality of this product for an even more seamless experience moving forward. The most critical part of continuously improving this and other products is to actively seek the feedback of clients, and we were grateful to be able to do that during the event.

The feedback we received was invaluable. By inviting our clients to surface their shared experiences, we learned a lot about the business needs that CredSimple can help address. There were three main needs that we identified as areas where we can have an impact:

  1. Network Approval Management: What is the biggest pain point we often hear about from clients? Committee meetings. When we launched this service, our goal was to make this process streamlined and easy – just like we do with our other services. We level providers, run the meetings, and provide minutes – taking all of that tedious administrative work off your shoulders. One of the best pieces of feedback we heard was about this service – one client shared that their team no longer experiences any of those pain points since we began partnering with them on Network Approval Management. We’re excited to partner with more clients to make their committee preparations and meetings hassle-free. 
  2. Outreach Visibility & Reporting: Here at CredSimple we pride ourselves on providing transparency and visibility in an area of the healthcare system in which those things can be hard to find – and we think we’ve achieved that in some places. But there’s still more we want to do, especially when it comes to outreach. One piece of feedback we’ve heard is that clients desire more visibility into outreach status. We know this is an area where we have the tools to enhance the experience, and we’re hard at work to do just that. Our engineers are hard at work developing a richer outreach reporting experience in the platform, which we aim to release in the spring of 2020. 
  3. Facility Credentialing: The need for robust facility credentialing capabilities is clear to us – the recent spike in MLTSS is just one piece of evidence that confirms there is a need in the market and in our clients’ work to make facility credentialing as streamlined as we’ve made provider credentialing. While we do currently provide facility credentialing as a service, we are aiming higher. We are working towards developing and releasing a CredSimple Facility Application, which will help streamline the entire process for our clients. This is one of our main objectives for 2020, and we’re looking forward to getting after it.

We are happy to report that this first event was a hit, thanks to our wonderful clients who shared their expertise and feedback. We are looking forward to holding more regular forums with our user community, and expanding that community to include an even more diverse set of clients and users who can provide insight that help shape CredSimple’s vision. 

Thank you to everyone who made this event a success, most importantly our clients who we consider partners more than anything, and who truly are the key to our success. 


 – MJS

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