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A Field Guide to CredSimple’s New & Notable Features

A Field Guide to CredSimple’s New & Notable Features

CredSimple may boast an industry-leading credentialing solution, but we’re more than just a CVO. We pride ourselves on being a tech-enabled solution with a customer-centric team at our core, a team always thinking about how to put our users at the forefront of what we do. 

The features and capabilities that we’ve built into our platform make it both easy to use and efficient for optimizing the downstream work done by your organization. We are also constantly on a mission of discovery, looking for ways to enhance our products and services. With our clients at the center of every effort to improve our products, we’re on a mission to continue helping you do what you do best – serve your members.

Set a course and read on to discover our new features and enhanced capabilities!

Data Extracts: What You Need, When You Need It

CredSimple’s recently enhanced Data Extract feature allows you to pull data in a self-serve manner, getting you the information you need quickly and efficiently. 

This feature allows your team to maximize productivity. Through the Data Extract feature, you can schedule custom reports to address day-to-day needs, prepare for Committee quickly and efficiently, streamline approvals to avoid a bottleneck, or prepare for an audit. We also offer an automated nightly sync of any of your extracts via FTPS, which you can use to update internal systems. 

By providing a way for our users to easily pull out the information they need, we have helped eliminate the need for manual work and cut down the time needed to perform critical functions. 

Files & Reports Pages: Transparency in Minutes

We recently updated our Files & Reports pages as well. While these were always a part of the CredSimple platform, our recent work has given them a total makeover – they are more user friendly than ever before, as we eliminated unnecessary information and show you only what you need to see to streamline your work. 

Reports are now easier than ever to pull – in just a few clicks, you can pull out the information you need to make your day to day as efficient as possible. We’ve also included ready-to-run reports that allow you unprecedented visibility, such as the Turnaround Time Report, which allows you to see the average turnaround time for primary source verification, decisions, and more. 

Just like the Data Extract feature, the improved Files and Reports pages allow you to expedite your work by giving users full access to the data within the CredSimple platform. 

Finally, Coming Soon: Provider Import Feature 

We’ve recently added a new feature: the ability to bulk import providers for credentialing from within the platform. With a few clicks, any user can import hundreds of providers right in the platform, expediting and simplifying the process of credentialing. Although we’ve only rolled this out to a select group of beta users, we’ll be launching it with all users in October – stay tuned! 


While these are just a few of the features we’ve recently enhanced or added to our platform, we are constantly looking for more ways to improve and deliver superior services to our clients. It’s also a great peek at how user-friendly our platform is – we’ve packed self-service reporting, data visibility, and bulk imports into one easy to use, tech-enabled platform that will streamline your work. If you’re interested in learning more about our solution, please reach out and we’ll be happy to provide a 20-minute demo and answer any questions. 


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