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What our proprietary Credentialing Verification Cloud offers your team

See how CredSimple optimizes your credentialing process, increasing efficiency & speed.

We’ve Improved Credentialing for Everyone Involved.

  1. 01. / Providers

    Our simplified digital application is provider-friendly, reducing completion time to 20 minutes, or we can pull in data from complete CAQH applications.

  2. 02. / Provider Relations Team

    We’ve reduced the burden on providers and your team. Stakeholders in any department can access real-time statuses in each provider’s centralized digital file.

  3. 03. / Credentialing Team

    We’ve automated primary source verification to reduce manual data actions, increase compliance and achieve a 10x faster average turnaround.

  4. 04. / Executive Team

    Meet strategic objectives by decreasing administrative costs, increasing efficiency and compliance, and getting providers off the bench to recognize revenue faster.

“CredSimple has taken the frustration out of the credentialing process. The reports are easy to read, export and take right to the credentialing committee.”

Dana G., PPHP

Credentialing doesn't have to be so complicated.

Smart, tech-based workflows increase speed, efficiency and compliance.

  1. 01. / Direct Credentialing

    With CredSimple, your team can increase their throughput and credential up to 15x more providers than with a legacy solution.

  2. 02. / Delegated Credentialing

    Our 10x faster average turnaround helps provider organizations recognize revenue sooner by getting providers in front of patients quicker. Our provider data is easily accessible making sending delegated rosters better for both parties, and we’re NCQA certified so audits are a breeze.

  3. 03. / NCQA-Certified CVO

    CredSimple offers the highest compliance guarantee. Programmatic, rules-based compliance is built into every file.