Transform credentialing with CredSimple.

Credentialing database + automated credentials verifications.

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What is CredSimple?

CredSimple offers a new model of credentialing: Software + Services. It’s like having your own CVO built into your credentialing database.

Credentialing Database and Credentialing Services

Credentialing Database

Good technology does the hard work for you. If you’re spending time managing data on spreadsheets, searching for verifications or chasing providers around for information, you need a better solution.


Credentialing Services

There is no need to contract with a CVO when you use CredSimple. The platform automatically manages applications, seamlessly completes verifications, handles notifications, and on-going monitoring.


Advantages of CredSimple

Healthcare Credentialing Platform

Stop spending more to get less

Combining credentialing software, with the data and the service lowers the total cost of credentialing

Faster throughput

Complete credentialing faster with less manual effort

Increase data quality

CredSimple’s data layer automatically enforces data integrity

Fast Implementation

You’ll see operational improvements within weeks, not years